"I have lost 30 pounds with the help of DJC."

I am proud to say that I have lost 30 pounds with the help of DJC.  Dayna has helped me not only loose the weight, but also increase my fitness level, even while recovering from shoulder surgery.  After surgery, Dayna modified my workouts based on my doctor’s orders.  I was able to still make fitness and weight loss gains and maintain a connection to the group I am a part of.  This would not have been possible without Dayna’s help and her consistent efforts to keep me on track.   Thank You DJC. 


— Eric R.

Looking forward to working out!

When I first began working out with Dayna, my original plan was to have her re-introduce me to exercising.  I was only planning on staying with a trainer for a couple of months.  I sure wasn't going to pay someone to count for me for any extended period of time!  THREE years later and 2-3 times a week, I am still with her. I no longer consider it “working out”, which can sometimes imply a dreaded chore.  On the contrary, I actually look forward to my time with her in the gym.  She is bright, encouraging, sincere and positive.  I currently work out with several other ladies who are quite a bit younger than me, and she is able to tailor my workout to not only fit my fitness level but my age.


I can't imagine not continuing with her – it has turned from exercise to my new way of life.  She is truly a fitness rock star!!


— Carol C

"Physically, the person I am today looks nothing like the person I was in 2012"

I started my journey with Dayna and DJC Fitness in 2012 and it was the best decision I’ve ever made for my personal health and fitness goals. When I began with her, I was very out of shape, weak, and overweight, as well as insecure about going to the gym.  I had hired trainers in the past, but I either ended up intimidated by them or they were not dedicated to the process and the training was sporadic.  It wasn’t enjoyable, so I would end up quitting or I would dread going to the gym.  I knew I needed accountability and motivation to keep me hooked, and with Dayna, I got that in excess!


Dayna is far superior to any trainer I have ever used in the past, as she not only encourages you, but she challenges and motivates you as well.  She does this without scare tactics or fear, and instead, like any great coach does, she motivates you to truly want to do and be better for yourself.  On top of that, you just don’t want to let her down! Her workouts are always innovative and extremely challenging, but never boring or repetitive. You never know what she’s going to throw at you, so it makes the workouts interesting and I always walk away feeling good about myself for what I’ve been able to accomplish in that workout.  I’ve been a part of her boot camp and group fitness classes at the gym, as well as worked out one-on-one with her through a pregnancy, and through these sessions I’ve continued to achieve goals I never thought were possible.


Currently, I’m training for my first half marathon, and she’s been instrumental in helping me strive for this goal, not only with a training regimen, but with supplements and nutritional guidance and support as well.  I’m not a natural born athlete by any stretch of the imagination, but with her leading me, I’m well on my way to achieving a big goal!


Physically, the person I am today looks nothing like the person I was in 2012. Now I’m stronger, leaner and I generally feel so much better about myself, and most importantly, I’m HEALTHIER!  The past three years I’ve had a major overhaul on my lifestyle (nutrition and exercise) and I couldn’t be happier with my results.  I have Dayna to thank for that, because she has given me the tools and the motivation to succeed in achieving a healthy lifestyle.


— Joy N., DVM

x1 Marathon and x4 half-marathons later!

"Movement is Medicine"....When I first heard Dayna say this, I didn't have a real understanding of what she meant.


Up to that point in my life, the only reason I exercised was to lose weight.  Over the last 4 years, I have learned so much about my health, what exercise does for my body and how to properly fuel my body for success!  Dayna has encouraged and challenged me to move outside of my comfort zone and stretch my body to new limits and beyond.  If you had told me 20 years ago, in my teen years, that I would now have 4 half marathons and a full marathon under my belt...I would have laughed at you.  However, because of Dayna and the friends and support that I have found through her training I can now call myself a runner!


I value Dayna's expertise in personal training, care for our bodies and nutrition and I highly recommend DJC Fitness!


— Beth B.

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