About DJC Fitness & Wellness

About DJC Fitness & Wellness

Dayna Crenshaw has been providing professional health and fitness services for over 17 years. After graduating with a degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine from Phillips University, Dayna continued to develop her expertise obtaining certification as a Performance Enhancement Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a certification from the United States Navy for Fitness and Water Survival Training, and CrossFit Level I Trainer. Dayna also has a certification in Functional Movement Systems (FMS).


Dayna has proven her value to countless clients helping them reach their fitness goals and frequently volunteering to the community as well. To schedule a session with Dayna, or for more information, click on the contact link below.


Dayna's Training Philosophy

Dayna provides strength and conditioning programs for people of all shapes and sizes, from the competitive athelete trying to build strength, to the grandmother trying to pick herself up after a fall. Dayna's fitness program offerings are diverse and all inclusive. For more information, visit the services page.